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We're Hiring.

Full- and Part-time Writers Needed

Do you like to write? Do you need to supplement your income? We may have just the opportunity you've been looking for!

We are looking for writers to supply content for websites, blogs and article sites on the Internet.

What we are looking for --
1. People with a strong work ethic, willing to make a commitment and stick to it.
2. People who can take direction, learning to do the job the right way.
3. Fluent, native English speakers, readers and writers.
4. People with a reliable, high-speed Internet connection.
5. People who are interested in having a steady income, either on a part-time or full-time basis.
6. Persons who are looking for a long-term work relationship.
7. This is a work from your home job. You will not need to commute to an office.
8. The work will be performed during normal weekday business hours.

Comments from a member of our team:

Dear Bob and Dave,

In our family, we take a few minutes during the annual Thanksgiving reunion/dinner/celebration to share what we're thankful for in our lives. So in that spirit, I would like to share with you what the last four or five months have meant to me and why I'm thankful.

Early this year, I responded to an ad that you placed on HireMyMom.com for writers. To my delight, you expressed interest in my work and we began a professional association that continues to this day, and I hope for a long time to come. Since about July I have been writing blurbs/blog posts and articles on a wide ranging variety of subjects and learning quite a lot as I go from project to project.

As you know, Bob, until I started working with Arundel Net, I had been unemployed for around seven years, while I homeschooled our autistic daughter. She has now graduated high school and is learning a trade and will be attending college within the next year. Our son is still in high school and doing well at a private Christian school. Not working for such a long time was difficult financially on our family, but the sacrifices were worthwhile. I am thankful to both of you for the opportunity of working again, and at such an interesting, challenging job! I'm thankful for the chance to augment our income in this time of economic uncertainty...and proud to be associated with writers of excellence.

Very truly yours, Deborah B..

You do NOT need to be a professional writer, but you should be able to communicate clearly and naturally in your writing. Some writing assignments we have will involve Internet research and fact-checking. Our staff coordinator Bob is available to facilitate your training and to enhance communication. One on one training is preferred but not required.

Please be assured - This job has nothing to do with selling, contacting the public in any way, is not any type of multi-level marketing scheme, you will not have to buy anything, pay for anything, or recruit anyone. No schemes or crapola here! It involves writing -- and only writing. Compensation is not based on commission.


Please note: If selected, you will be considered to be self-employed while completing these assignments. You will be required to furnish Form 1099 information (including full name, address and SS number) for tax reporting purposes, and you will be responsible for making your own tax payments. You will be ghostwriting all materials, you will not be listed as the author, nor will you retain any copyright, ownership or reprint rights on these materials.

Interested? Then please go to our 'contact us' page and emailus at the provided address. Please briefly outline why you think you would be a good fit for a position like this. Tell us if you are interested in full or part-time work, and what days and times you would be available to work and have a chance to make money online. Formal cover letters/resumes are not necessary, but if you have a resume we promise we will take the time to read it. Please tell us if you have ever done any writing in the past (a sample would be appreciated), and also what level of internet experience you have.When we hear from you we'll tell you a bit more about the company, the position requirements and compensation. We are waiting to hear from you!